Affordable, approachable, accessible and adorable... The Snail Market is comprised of artists: Martha SavageMaya Dunn and Molly Gambardella. As artists, we understand that we are here to communicate our point of view, connect with a broad audience, share insights and to parody the indignities and absurdities of our world. We are an intergenerational group from different backgrounds and who share similar values of creating quality, “real” artwork, consistent with our larger work, for a diverse community , young and old. Art is for everyone (even snails), it enriches our lives and colors our experiences. Visit the Snail Market Every Second Saturday at West River Arts. Or participate in the Snail Market's upcoming Call for Art (see below). 

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Mail has served as a both a vehicle and medium for artists throughout history. It wasn’t until the early ‘60s that a group of artists began to use correspondence as the core of a cohesive movement. Mail Art was established outside the bounds of Mainstream Art. A creative network developed, whose members made and mailed art to each other across the world. Artists were attracted to the inclusivity of Mail Art -- connecting a far-flung constellation of peers who would never have a reason to interact at all otherwise. The number of Mail Artists grew especially in the 80’s. Artists interchanged their creative world vision without considering their work as products with market value. Mail Art crosses borders and is enriched by the continuous confrontation with the “Other”.


Today, in 2019, mail is less convenient and more expensive than communicating and sharing artwork on the internet. However, for an artist to apply to most exhibitions and gallery shows, they have to pay to play. While this price usually helps fund the show in some way, it creates a serious problem in the world of visual arts. Entry fees can often dissuade artists from applying to programs, and makes it especially difficult for artists of lower socioeconomic statuses from breaking into the fine arts world. Mail Art continues to provides an inclusive opportunity internationally to collaborate and network no matter what your background is. You are creating a non-commodifiable piece of art that will have a dialogue with people you would never have imagined. After the deadline of May 31, I will take only what has been sent through the mail and create an installation that interacts with the dialogue you have created. I want to connect with you. You can draw, paint, illustrate, collage, use mix media, play with texture, create comics, novels, poems, etc. You can use both sides of the envelope and even use the inside - however I will not be opening the envelopes for the installation. Document your piece before sending it if you wish, and email me with information about yourself and your piece that I can post and share for the exhibition in June.


Depending on where you live, it will cost more or less, but overall it's under a few dollars to participate. 


Sending within USA: .70 cents (one forever stamp + .15 cents stamp (non-machinable charge). You can also just put two forever stamps if you don’t want to buy a .15 cent stamp.


Sending from outside of USA: international postage is by weight, it’s about $1.15 (USD) per ounce or 28 grams.


Mail Art, Before/After

911 Whalley Ave

New Haven, CT, 06515, USA

Please incorporate this address onto the front side of your piece so it finds it's way to the exhibition.

Emily Wallis



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Mail Art
Mail Art

Gina G

Tina Jensen

Amy Rice


Danielle Rose

Martha Savage

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