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Patterns in Bloom
single-use plastic bags, fiber optics, stainless steel, thread. 
Dimensions variable


Patterns in Bloom is an installation comprising over sixty unique, handmade sculptures, each inspired by the rich diversity of the orchid flower. 


This exhibit bridges the gap between the vast family of orchids - the largest among flowering plants - and the human experience, utilizing scale as a medium of connection. The sculptures, varying in size from 2 to 9 feet in diameter, facilitate interactive and immersive encounters, allowing viewers to engage with the art on a profound level. 

In my detailed study of orchids, I perceived individual faces within each flower, despite their wide-ranging diversity. These faces bore distinct personalities, akin to the human spectrum. However, the diversity celebrated in the orchid kingdom is often overlooked within humanity. "Patterns in Bloom" underscores the beauty and importance of diversity, proposing it as a metaphor for human society. 


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