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Symbiotic Simulacrum:

Shaggy-stalked Polypore

plastic bags, steel

41 x 29 x 32 in

(104 x 74 x 81 cm)


Fur Spotted Sphagnum

wool, cotton, acrylic, polyester, wood, steel

55 x 44 x 18 in

(140 x 112 x 46 cm)


Strippleback Tealshield

silk, steel, muslin

33 x 23 x 30 in

(84 x 58 x 76 cm)


This body of work is a meditation on the complex interconnections between technology, the natural world, and human existence. Through close observation of the intricate patterns and structures found in fungi, lichen, and moss, these works seek to highlight the delicate balance of our ecosystems and inspire a deeper appreciation for the non-human world.

The "Symbiotic Simulacrum" series uses a combination of natural and synthetic materials, creating otherworldly pieces that challenge traditional boundaries and question the ethics surrounding patents on life. By exploring the spaces in between polarities and binaries created by humans, these works invite us to consider the interconnectedness of all things, from the smallest microbe to the largest ecosystem.

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