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Chromatic Chimera

"Chromatic Chimera" is a collection of sculptural works made from colored pencils, exploring the multifaceted nature of human identity. Each piece features different body parts, primarily faces, assembled in a fantastical and imaginative way, reminiscent of mythical chimeras composed of various animal parts.

Bright and vivid colors emphasize the diversity and individuality of each piece, highlighting the unique qualities that make up the human experience. The slices and tips of the colored pencils are used to create intricate and detailed textures, adding depth and complexity to the forms.

Inspired by the environments in which they were created, these works embody the tension between natural and man-made worlds. The richness and diversity of the landscapes - from the sprawling city to the remote and wild spaces - find their way into each piece, much like the various animal parts that combine to form a mythical chimera.

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