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Undulating Memories
oil, acrylic, canvas
48 x 60 x 1 in


"Undulating Memories" explores the beauty found in Connecticut and the surrounding areas. The rich history of the land and cultures in the area highlights the ways in which they intersect. By looking at water systems that existed before European colonization through the use of acrylic and oil, the painting focuses on the essence of a time long past, evoking the fluidity and movement of the water in addition to human created systems and borders.

The piece incorporates a gradient of dots, beginning with a darker green to represent the known areas of the seventeen indigenous tribes that once inhabited the region, and transitioning to lighter shades, illustrating the fluidity of the borders in comparison to the fixed borders and manipulated landscapes of today.

This work is informed  by several writings, including John Menta's "The Quinnipiac: Cultural Conflict in Southern New England," William Cronon's "Changes in the Land," and Michael Bell's "The Face of Connecticut".

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