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Program Interrupted
flower bulbs, repurposed glass vessels, river rocks, water, DC motor, mechanical metronome, plywood
Dimensions variable


Program Interrupted delves into the nexus of humanity, technology, and nature, focusing on the cycles of life and death. An analog metronome, beating at 60 BPM to mirror the human heartbeat, symbolizes our industrialized existence.

Contrasted with this, living flower bulbs in repurposed glass vessels illustrate the natural rhythms of life and death. These bulbs may regenerate under the right conditions, hinting at renewal.

Time-lapse photography within the installation underscores the different temporal experiences of other beings, highlighting our disconnection from natural rhythms.

Program Interrupted serves as a visual  and auditory meditation on the coexistence of human-made constructs and the organic world, encouraging viewers to consider the potential for rebirth within our disconnected reality.

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