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Stratum of Localization

Found objects, steel, wood

60 x 120 x 12 in

(152 x 305 x 30 cm)


Company From Bigelow

Found paper collage

36 x 32 x 2 in

(91 x 81 x 5 cm)



"Company From Bigelow" and "Stratum of Localization" are tributes to the history and heritage of the remarkable city, New Haven, Connecticut. Inspired by the "Nine Square Plan" that laid the foundation for America's first planned town, the work takes the form of an aerial perspective of the New Haven Green, the beating heart of the city.

To create the shape of the green, a variety of metal pieces were carefully chosen and assembled, each one a relic of New Haven's industrial past. From clocks to typewriters, bicycles to tools, every object used in the collage was manufactured in New Haven at some point in the city's rich history. The result is a celebration of the ingenuity and creativity that has shaped this city for centuries.

In addition to the metal pieces, a 2-D wall collage was also created using paper relics collected from abandoned factories and buildings throughout New Haven. These documents, ranging from telegraphs to work orders and receipts, date back approximately 100 years and serve to highlight the city's cultural and historical significance. The work pays homage to the deep connections that New Haven had with the surrounding areas, and the vital role it played in the manufacturing and industrial development of the region.

Together, these two collages form a complex and layered work of art that explores the interconnectedness of New Haven's past and present. These artworks invite viewers to consider the connections between man-made and natural, past and present, and to reflect on the rich history and heritage of this New Haven. By combining these disparate elements, the work serves as a tribute to the resilience and creativity of the people of New Haven, and a testament to the power of balance and harmony in our interactions with the world around us.

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