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International Mail Art Exhibition: Before/After

A call for mail art was put out worldwide using social media, the result was overwhelmingly successful. 200 submitted pieces came to New Haven from eight participating countries, over the course of three months. Each submission was individually photographed, edited, posted, inventoried and if any clues were left on the envelope, the artist was contacted for any information they wanted posted with their work. This quickly created a community of artists worldwide, sharing ideas, thoughts, processes and individual stories. Thank you to the many individuals who made this possible.

Today, in 2019, mail is less convenient and more expensive than communicating and sharing artwork on the internet. However, for an artist to apply to most exhibitions and gallery shows, they have to pay to play. While this price usually helps fund the show in some way, it creates a serious problem in the world of visual arts. Entry fees can often dissuade artists from applying to programs, and makes it especially difficult for artists of lower socioeconomic statuses from breaking into the fine arts world. Mail Art continues to provide an inclusive opportunity internationally to collaborate and network no matter what your background is. It’s creating a non-commodifiable piece of art that will have a dialogue with people you would never have imagined. 

Mail has served as  both a vehicle and medium for artists throughout history. It wasn’t until the early ‘60s that a group of artists began to use correspondence as the core of a cohesive movement. Mail Art was established outside the bounds of Mainstream Art. A creative network developed, whose members made and mailed art to each other across the world. Artists were attracted to the inclusivity of Mail Art -- connecting a far-flung constellation of peers who would never have a reason to interact at all otherwise. The number of Mail Artists grew, especially in the 80’s. Artists interchanged their creative world vision without considering their work as products with market value. Mail Art crosses borders and is enriched by the continuous confrontation with the “Other”.



International Mail Art Publication, Before/After

Mail Art, 900 Chapel Street, New Haven CT: June, 2019 - April, 2021. 

Mail Art Exhibition, Lotta Studio: June 8-22, 2019

Thank you:


To all participating artists:


Adam Harmon

Active Wellness

Alexandra Larson

Amira Brown

Amy Mcnamara

Amy Peperdy

Anne Nitkowski

Ava Hanscom

Barbara Shiller

Barbara Vento Furtak

Briah Luckey

Briana Krzeminski

Cain Clement
Carla Sofia Pinto

Carolyn Lusch

Christopher Cozzi


Dana Ceccarelli

Danielle Schmitt

Donna Marie Joyce

Donna Savage

Edwin Gendron

Emma Lo

Gina Marinatos

Grace Adolphe

Haley Grunloh

Heidi Lanino

Horst Tress

Howard El-Yasin

Ileana Dumitriu

Indiana Noel

Ioana Barac

Janet Brodie

Jeff Gambardella

Jessica Edwards

Jessica Emerson

Jonah Stone Alderman

Karen Cote


Krista Wang

Kris Wetmore

Larry Cowles

Leslie Colonna

Leah Sinquefield

Marcelina Gonzales

Marco Bevilacqua

Marcus Fessler

Marion Sachdeva

Martha Savage

Melissa Baylis

Millie Gladwin

Mistina Hanscom

Nancy Tommasini

Nathan Sands


Nikki Prete

Nina Lesiga

Rachel Gladwin

Roz Gambardella

Samantha Danis Price

Sara & Hinda Edelman

Sara Zunda

Sky Sutton

Sonya Hals

Stephen Jude

Steve Porter

Suzy Atkins

Tamara Kingery Gonzales

Toyo & Ketsap

T Partridge


Ula Niemirska

Victor Torres-López

William Mellot

Zachary Naylor

& many more…!


And a big thank you to USPS!

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