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Furry blobs & communities

Working on making a structure for this thing I tufted. I kind of want it to be able to breathe, my instinct was to get under it when I first made it. I also danced with it on. But now I want it to be a mound that can be placed on the ground, wall or hung from the ceiling. Ideally... we will see if I figure it out :)

My professor, Pete Bonadies, from Paier and now the person who helps me figure out how to make things said his youngest son gets excited every time they drive to school past my parents' house since they bought his car.

So I put out a sign and brought over my giant bear and put it in the drivers seat and at the bottom of the driveway.

Turns out, Pete's mother in law is passing away from cancer and everyone has been bummed out.

My Mormor has been really bummed out. The pandemic has messed with her head big time. She's not alone, but she's hurting. Anyway, she gave me a book to give him (she has lots of books as a retired kindergarten teacher).

I wasn't over there when Pete and Ethan (his son) went by and took the photos. But Ethan was able to thank Mormor, and the way she sounded at the end of the day (excited about future events) versus the beginning (she was ready to die) was because of this little kid and my giant silly bear.

Communities are cool.


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