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trilobites -> horse shoe crab

"There is another world, but it is inside this one"

geology -> inside the Earth King malithatropes don't need light

their mass > mass of life on surface of Earth

Forest Gander "Be with"

Ann Pringle -> NYT bags

lichenologist (Ann)

Wilah Stephens "Death is the mother of beauty"

rat park -> johan hari

addiction / cocaine heroin

Bruce Alexander -> canadian

moving from lantern -> spotlight = bad

school -> narrowing consciousness

spotlight consciousness vs lantern consciousness

"entangled life" Merlin Sheldrake

Botany of Desire / A Plants eye view of the world - Michael Pollen

Rupert Sheldrake

plants have goals and intentions

problem solving

plants have:





civil disobedience for society and planet in whatever way

one earth

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