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Edward Tufte / Hogpen Hill Farms

The moment I remember the most I didn't take a video of. There is a photo i think or maybe a video or right after I met Edward. But he came out of nowhere! He was driving on a golf cart and waving his arms trying to get people to stop and pay attention to what he was going.

One couple kept walking, Bill and I stayed staring - not realizing that it was Edward, but clearly this guy wanted our attention! My parents were up ahead but also staring, waiting to see what this man was going to do.

He ran off the golf cart and up to this large rusted steel sculpture with holes in it - everywhere.

He started pushing and running in a circle with the sculpture which started spinning.

The light kept changing as the holes morphed from perspective.

It was magical.

Then he turned to us and said "the only artwork powered by the artist"

and off he went in his golf cart.

I think my mouth was open for like 10 minutes. I was in awe. SO COOL

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