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Selling vs accumulating work

Post from Christopher Marley on august 30, 2021, regarding a larger vision vs selling individual pieces separately.

Christopher Marley:

“I'm getting a lot of messages from frustrated would-be buyers so I thought taking a moment to explain is in order.

My greatest desire for the last several years has been to create an experience that is more than just the sum of its parts. The Exquisite Creatures and Biophilia exhibits are immersive experiences that combine film, music, writing, interactives and, of course, art, to not only inform, entertain and inspire, but to create a powerful, almost reverent experience. Visitors are invited to connect with nature, discovery and their own creativity in a uniquely powerful way. I'm working to make these experiences increasingly poignant and so constantly designing new pieces to help tell the stories and illustrate the themes that will make it memorable, even soulful.

In order to accumulate the many hundreds of pieces the exhibits require, I have to forego selling them, which can be frustrating for myself as well as the buyers. But my hope is that the experience this curation enables is worth it.

I've been moved, humbled and gratified to see the effects if this exhibit so far. It has been a dream come true to connect and watch others connect in important, restorative ways over the past couple of years. I hope those experiences will only increase as we open this fall in Boise and Raleigh. If you'd like Exquisite Creatures to come to your city, please tag your favorite museum here (art, natural history or science) and let them know.

And for those of you interested in acquiring works, please sign up at for announcements on sale events.

Thank you all for making this possible.”

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