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Sunday sunset bike ride

Bill and I were a little messed up still (sleep wise) from the trip back to Connecticut from Key Largo. Being up 34...36 hours straight was intense, brought back memories from my undergraduate experience.

Cycling is awesome. I've loved it more since I met Bill almost 10 years ago. He was "the guy who fixed bikes" to me until I learned his name, and then we fell in love.

Anyway, this bike ride, on the Farmington Canal Trail was a lot colder than walking on the beach in Miami. However, being a little uncomfortable makes me work harder. I want to stay warm, so I pump my legs really hard.

Also, there is a sign that says some thousand miles to Florida from here - the trail will eventually go straight to Florida - where we just were! Right now, it goes to Massachusetts from New Haven, might do that trip on my bike now that Bill and I live so close to the trail.


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