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political theatre - play

think outside parameters of static object


COVID / starvation / GMO / poison

1st idea - humans

farmers bees people all come together from around parimeter - New Haven? somewhere? and meet together

( Descartes ) thinking -> because of good gut

reclaiming "work"

"The idea that you can have fruits, without labor, is a fossilized idea, because what was fossil fuel getting rid of?


What is digitization getting rid of?


So reclaiming work as sanctity that's where we all become equal."

- Vandana Shiva

joyful horizontalties

Sacredness - that which is not violent.

that means, you recognize the intrinsic value, the agency, the autonomy, the self organization.

and the minute you recognize that, then in your mind you draw the lines of what you cannot violate.

so ecological limits come up and ethical limits come up and they become part of your natural functioning.

you know how not to violate - you do this with family or friends. how not to violate space.

you learn how to carve out respect for each other - well, the beauty is, nature does it all the time.

constantly creates space for the other - not take away

The economy of life is an economy of giving.

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