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wicked wings week woah

I loved working at tower hill. If I lived in mass, I would consider working here full time.

I was hired to finish a concept -- the person who came up with the idea had to quit for some reason last minute, and I had to figure out how to finish several sets of wings in one week.

I brought my friend Liah with me and paid her of course.

I only wanted to buy one thing with the money from this job - a pneumatic tufting gun and air compressor!

This was a tough job because of the time crunch, but I was so excited to be working with so many different materials and just having to figure it out.

I was forced to rush. It taught me a lot about what I could do - I didn't know I could work that fast with so many different materials and mediums.

I also really like feathers.

Some photos are from breaks I would take with my pb&j.

so many interesting patterns everywhere

and I get to watch people interact with my flowers I made from April. That never gets old

I feel like a little elf. No one knows it's me that made it, but there I am, watching them.

I started to watch for the artist every time I look at artwork now. I like the artists who are a little more secretive about it but not necessarily anonymous.

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