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Zoom with Faith

Zoom with Faith sounds like a cool band name doesn't it?

I created some weird stuff.

Faith liked it all - she saw what I was trying to do without me needing to say anything which is always so nice.

She understood I'm working on looking at growth patterns while playing with this idea of nature vs culture. Or nature / artificial. Organic growth vs "improved by man" and so on and so forth.

Faith still thinks I need to play more. I told her with all of these things I have made over this semester - I had NO idea I could do any of them. I had no idea any of these things were inside my head. They all flowed out of me as natural as pee since I moved into my new apartment. So, made everything between mid September/October and now.

This is why I love lichens. If they aren't in the correct environment for whatever kind of lichen it is - or if the air quality is bad, they just can't exist - they don't thrive - they die.

Sometimes when I move, I realize that I have been in a really bad environment. I was literally, figuratively and socially in a really bad environment. I didn't belong to the art community that has been going on and the never ending truck exhaust made it nearly impossible for my potted plants to do well. They are all growing like crazy now!

I'm not a city gal. I love the energy, especially being in NYC during Occupy Wall Street, but I'll take being alone in the middle of the woods (preferably not lost, but whatever) over a city any day. And yes, even if it's raining, because that's when the lichen comes alive (literally) and the mushrooms are popping up everywhere!!!

Anyway, Faith wants me to continue experimenting. We talked about how good ol graphite and paper might be something I want to experiment with after doing so much sculptural work. I have a bias to just want to keep going bigger and expanding - but I think that's what capitalism or imperialism or any of these ideologies or systems have in common, exponential growth. That's what cancer is too... so I like the idea of also being able to be flexible enough to go smaller. Take a step back.

I don't know what the "right" thing it so do as an artist in this situation. Of course my ego wants my work to grow and grow and grow - but not for any wealthy patrons.

My dream is to be able to make immersible installations that can be in public spaces. They go up magically, anonymously and then they are taken down after a short period of time in the same way. But different every time so no one can really know. Kind of like how a fungus will pop up.

I think I could hide my name somewhere, but I also like the idea of no one knowing who did it. I would like to think if I can't take credit for it even if I made it, then ego isn't part of the equation.

Faith always questions why I think I have to make a choice of one material over another. I keep being reminded that I can continue to play with as many materials as I feel necessary.

There are no rules!

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