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flowers / plastic

Bought silica gel for all of the flowers

process of plastic guy

trend in urbanization

not fight it, how can art interact with cities and promote biodiversity / promote symbiotic relationships and awareness of nature - specifically lichen.

lichen teaches us something about ourselves (as humans)

bioindicator -> absorbs what is around them

tells humans about air quality & how we interact with the environment/world

autonomous we can't produce them yet there is no regulation on collecting and selling lichen in stores

lichen covered the Earth after meteor killed dinosaurs -> ice age

I don't want to "fix" problems with my art, I want to align myself with the Earth's creative power

more lichens than I thought in cities

lichen growing back in post forest fire areas are different

I don't trust any media or any political party fully.

my interest is in us forming new ways of communicating that lead to the maximum amount of freedom for us as individuals and as communities.

When I make mistakes, I want to admit it and learn continously.

I want to be in conversation with all sorts of people from different backgrounds and aspects outside of the political system.

I'm an individual just like you, that has agency, ideas and potential.

& we should be exploring these ideas together because it's going to take every single one of us to change the world and create something more in line with who we truly are.


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