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Trip to JoAnns - > lichen murder.

"hand selected mosses"

First of all - most of these are lichen.

No one can cultivate / grow lichen independently.

It's about relationships with things out of human control - no one can grow lichen.

These ancient organisms are being plucked from their homes and spray painted for craft stores. These companies are making all profit. They don't make or own these lichens. What the hell?

Also yarn... I made my recent creation with all yarn, but second hand yarn. I wonder about these companies too. Lots of acrylic yarn... I bet those bits end up in oceans :/

I'm not trying to be a bummer.

I don't want to make art blindly.

I see people making art about the environment using resin. electronics. precious metals. etc.

I just want to do better - not as a gesture, not to say I'm better, but because I don't feel right if I do the opposite.

I can make anything I want to. It doesn't mean I should.


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